What is an Academic Credit System?

An academic credit system is a system in which a student progress is measured. Students will have to earn a definite number of credits for being eligible for full-time student status. Each high school credit course is available with a specific number of credit points which are determined by learning the outcome, student’s workload as well as contact hours. The more effort and work a student put in a course, the more credits that particular course is worth.


Academic credit will be gained by completing an individual study course or a study module successfully. Awards, for example, degrees are only provided after getting a fixed number of credits.

There are a large number of different colleges who use to offer credit for business courses, college level military, work experience or any other type of independent learning.

Learning outcome and workload

Learning outcome means a knowledge which a student expect to gain and further will be able to apply. Workload term referred to a specific time taken by an average student in reaching the desired learning outcome. In workload, most of the academic activities for example seminars, lectures, exams, an individual study is included.

Benefits of academic credit systems

  • Credit courses are useful in keeping the track of student process as well as determine when she or he met the specific requirements for awarding an academic degree

  • Provide a good estimate of a workload of the program as well as how it is properly distributed between higher education activities.

  • If a student has not taken a study program and wants to find a job then academic credits are presented to the employers as a proof of previous studies.

  • Some universities make use of academic study credits for setting program cost.

Build important skills

College and honor level courses will help you to learn habits and skills which you need for getting success.

They will help you to develop-

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Stronger writing skills

  • Time-management skills

  • Good study habits

  • Discipline

As there are a large number of different credit courses available you can select any of them as per your choice and interest. You need to check in which subject you are interested and further on the basis of it, you can opt.

Students who want to earn college credit can also go for online options. These online credit course service providers charge fewer fees for providing access to online lessons. These available fee-based courses will help students to earn alternate forms of college credit.

Looking for affordable and high-quality credit course service provider in Vaughan, ON, CA region? If yes, then choose Vaughan College. Vaughan College help students in achieving success by forming a challenging and exciting learning environment. Vaughan College is available with trained and experienced faculty team, responsible for providing high-quality educational service to their students. Different types of services offered by Vaughan College include advanced placement courses, tutorial services and much more.


About Vaughan College

Vaughan College is a co-educational private high school recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education. It is among the leading other private High School and the best of its kind located in Woodbridge (Vaughan) in the region of North York. We provide the education for the students in grades 9 to 12 to get an opportunity to receive dynamic academics with many choices to explore at reasonable fees. We also offer Advanced Placement (AP) course for the students. They are given an option to choose from one or more courses that provides an opportunity to study at the highest level.
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